Front Range Biosciences Inc.
Lafayette, CO
Front Range Biosciences® is dedicated to providing Clean Stock® nursery services to high-value crops like hemp, marijuana and coffee so that growers and consumers can benefit from exceptional quality, lab efficiencies and safely produced plants.
Front Range develops tissue culture production protocols with the grower's favorite varietals and delivers wholesale Clean Stock® clones based on production demands. Clean Stock™ clones are produced in a state of the art tissue culture clone production facility with strict quality control standards in a GMP like environment. Clones are disease free, vigorous, and ready for introduction into the grower's facility with robust production qualities cycle after cycle. Each of the grower's valuable genetic lines can also be stored in a protected off-site facility for both short and long term storage providing peace of mind and freeing valuable real estate.
Front Range announced on October 4, 2018, that it has completed a $10 million Series A round of financing. This marks the largest fundraising by a U.S. cannabis biotech company to date.